Old Bill's reaches new heights in 2023

The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole announced that Old Bill’s Fun Run 2023 raised a total of $27,946,089 in support of local nonprofits, an increase of 40% over last year. This effort represents 24,197 individual gifts from 4,091 donors. The match pool, created with gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, CoChallengers and Friends totaled $5,407,117, and participating organizations received $22,538,972 in gifts designated specifically for them. Over the last twenty-seven years, Old Bill’s has generated a total of $256,660,433 for Teton County nonprofits. 

What is Old Bill's Fun Run?

One of the most innovative fundraisers in the nation, Old Bill’s Fun Run is also one of the most successful. 

This run has no finish line. There are no podiums or medal ceremonies. It ends as it started, together, united in a greater purpose. Here, every step, every pace, every individual spin of the wheel represents a collective spirit — a shared vision of a more vibrant and enriched community for all. Old Bill’s Fun Run exemplifies the very best of Jackson Hole. In this marathon of generosity lies the opportunity for meaningful contribution, for altruism amplified by the kindness of others, and for the singular drive to make a difference.

Since its inception, Old Bill’s has brought an astounding $256 million philanthropic dollars to our community. These funds are busy feeding the hungry, supporting the sick and elderly, teaching kids to read, protecting wildlife, building affordable housing, enriching our lives through the arts, and touching the lives of everyone in Teton County. Old Bill’s is administered by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

Inspiring Philanthropy Since 1997

Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill have inspired thousands to raise millions through this innovative community celebration. Mr. Old Bill loves to run, and one day while on a run he got the idea for an annual community-wide fundraising event to benefit all local nonprofits.

Old Bill’s has raised over $256 million dollars since its inception in 1997 and made philanthropy a household word in Jackson.

Old Bill’s 2024 will be held on Saturday, September 7, starting at 9 am.

Old Bill’s 2024 festivities will take place on Saturday, September 7 at Jackson Elementary School fields on Willow Street in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

Everyone is invited to enjoy Old Bill’s festivities, learn about local nonprofits and celebrate philanthropy.

Registration is free. Registration for the timed 5K, 10K, and Youth 5K ends on Friday, September 8 at 5pm. Timed divisions are: Women’s 5K, Men’s 5K, Girls’ 5K (>14 years old), Boys’ 5K (>14 years old), Women’s 10K, and Men’s 10K. Register online.