What is a CoChallenger?

CoChallengers are a special group of individuals and businesses who donate matching funds to Old Bill’s. CoChallengers do not designate their gifts for specific nonprofits, and instead support the matching grants that all participating nonprofits receive. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, CoChallengers give at levels of $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. These donations form the match pool, which is divided up to supplement funds participating nonprofits raise. 

In 2022, nonprofits were provided with a 61% matching grant on designated funds raised up to $30,000; organizations that raised $30,000 or more in designated gifts received the maximum matching grant of $18,240 from the Community Foundation.


CoChallenger Close Up: Mercedes and Laurie Huff

Mercedes Huff and her daughter, Laurie, have been involved in Old Bill’s in various ways since the event’s inception in 1997. Mercedes has supported Old Bill’s as a CoChallenger for the past fifteen years.

CoChallengers are a special group of individuals and businesses who donate to the Old Bill’s match pool, which is used to match the community’s designated donations to local nonprofits. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, CoChallengers give at levels of $25,000 and up.

The first Old Bill’s Fun Run took place when I was 9 or 10 years old,” Laurie remarked. I can remember it vividly. I remember participating on behalf of the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club. I was raising awareness for a nonprofit that I was a part of.”

When Laurie returned to Jackson after college, she decided to join Mercedes by participating in Old Bill’s as a CoChallenger. Mercedes and Laurie recognize the importance of the legacy they are creating by supporting the community’s nonprofits through Old Bill’s.

It’s important to lead by example,” Mercedes said. When people see that we are participating in Old Bill’s, they might be inspired to get involved too. It’s an excellent way to learn what’s really going on in the community.”

Giving back to the Jackson community is a family value that Laurie and her husband, Collin Vaughn, are hoping to instill in their daughters. Our girls came to Old Bill’s in a stroller last year,” Laurie commented. We hope they will continue being
involved and supporting this event for years to come.”

Total Funds Raised to Date


CoChallenger Video 2023

CoChallengers are Community Leaders

The generosity of CoChallengers inspires increased giving from the community and is key to Old Bill’s success. CoChallengers are community leaders who intrinsically value philanthropy, and help highlight the tremendous work of local nonprofits. In total, 85 CoChallengers partnered with Mrs. and Mrs. Old Bill in our most recent Giving Season, with 11 either increasing their gift or donating to the match fund for the first time.


Thanks to CoChallengers...

  • Nonprofits receive 100% of designated contributions and pay no administrative fee to participate
  • Over 200 organizations enthusiastically cooperate in a unified fundraiser
  • A portion of the match pool provides additional grant funding for nonprofits throughout the year via the Community Foundation’s Competitive Grants, Youth Philanthropy, and Micro Grant programs
  • Old Bill’s continues to grow, with 1 in 3 households in Jackson participating!

Thank You to our 2023 CoChallengers

Challenge — $1,000,000

Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill 

Double Black Diamond — $250,000

Bill Newton

Diamond Business — $100,000

Caldera Lab+

Diamond — $100,000

Anonymous (2)*

Zooey & Lyons Brown 

Leslie & Chris Johnson 

Marsha & John Kleinheinz+ 

Alice & Rod Moorhead* 

Stacey & Robert Morse 

Platinum — $75,000

Susan & Joe Davenport 

Deborah & Jon Dawson 

Lannie & Bill Hoglund 

Erika Pearsall & Ned Jannotta 

Gold Business — $50,000

Graham-Faupel-Mendenhall /​Karen Terra & Bob Graham, Julie & Matt Faupel, Mack Mendenhall+ 

Gros Ventre River Ranch /​Karl & Tina Weber Charitable Fund 

Huff /​Vaughn /​Sassi /​Laurie & Mercedes Huff, Collin Vaughn, Jill Sassi 

Gold — $50,000


Marcia Kunstel & Joe Albright 

Laurie Andrews & Perk Perkins+ 

Christie & Jon Callaghan 

Lisa Carlin

Chris & Ross Hartley 

Kemmerer Family Foundation 

Catherine & David Loevner 

Mays Family Foundation 

Kathleen McCarragher+

Seven Pines Foundation+ 

The Serenity Fund*

Dorie & Randy Smith+ 

Silver Business — $35,000

Bank of Jackson Hole 

First Republic, now a part of JPMorgan Chase 

Silver — $35,000

Val & Dick Beck 

Nancy & Dick Collister 

Mary Anne Cree, In Memoriam 

Peggy & Kirk Davenport+ 

Margot Snowdon & Yves Desgouttes 

Lisa & Are Friesecke* 

Sanae Ishikawa & Richard Georgi 

Marne & Ed Holstein 

Katharine Conover-Keller & Fred Keller+ 

Gloria & Richard Kushel 

Janine & David Lloyd 

Jason Moment*

Laura & Matt Murphy 

Shirley & Paul Piper 

Caroline & Ken Taylor+ 

Janet & Bob Whitmire 

Bronze Business — $25,000

Crystal Creek Capital 

Four Seasons Jackson Hole 

New West Building Company* 

Osprey Beverages

Wells Fargo

Willow Street

Y2 Consultants

Zions Bank

Bronze — $25,000

Sarah & Tim Belk* 

Erin & Brandon Black* 

Katherine & Bill Burford* 

Liz & David Chandler 

Carly & Clayton Christopher* 

Suzanne & Jeffrey Cohodes* 

Leah Missbach Day* 

Catherine & Jeff Dishner 

Nisha & Steve DuBois 

Nancy & Rolf Engh 

Julia & Thomas Ritson Ferguson 

Deirdre & Vance Griffith

Monica Erickson & Philippe Hartl 

Judy Hofflund & Tom Hansen 

Jane & Tom Hill* 

Debby & David Hopkins 

Missy & David Hoster 

John Hurley

Kate Jensen

Cindy & Evan Jones 

Elisabeth & Chansoo Joung 

Rita Zetterberg & Jim Kaplan* 

Sara & Ed Keller 

Kristin & Mike Kelly 

David Landes & Family 

Cathy Kehr & Remy Levy 

Live Oak Fund 

Tammy & John MacWilliams 

Niner Family

Julie & Hugh O’Halloran

Marge Ordway

Dakin Sloss

Patti Stancarone

Lenise & Randall Stephenson* 

KK & Jamie Streator* 

Randi Levine & Jeff Trenton 

The Trifecta Fund 

Jay Varley

Kae & Ben Wallace* 

Leslie & Jim Walter

Suzanne & John Willian 

Lucy Wild & Jason Wolff 

Sasha & Mike Zolik 

Confirmed CoChallengers as of 9/​8/​2023

* indicates new, + indicates increased 

Thank You,
In-Kind Donors

Old Bill’s relies on the generosity of dozens of local businesses and nonprofits that donate goods and services to the event. The following organizations help make the event possible:

The Bunnery Bakery & Restaurant
Canvas Unlimited
Celebrate Jackson Hole
Center for the Arts
Gillespie Real Estate Team
Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Teton Area
Haderlie Farms
Hughes Production
Jackson Curbside Recycling
Jackson Elementary School
Jackson Hole Children’s Museum
Jackson Hole Farmers’ Market
Jackson Hole Mountain Resort
Jackson Hole POP!
KHOL 89.1
Local Restaurant and Bar
Macy’s Services
McDonald’s of Jackson Hole
Pearl Street Bagels
Pearl Street Market /​Aspens Market
Persephone Bakery
Pinky G’s Pizzeria
Prugh Real Estate
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Rosie Read /​R2
Snake River Brewing
Snake River Roasting
St. John’s Health
Teton County /​Jackson Parks & Recreation
Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling
Teton County Library
Tormack Custom
Screen Printing
Town of Jackson
Westbank Sanitation
The Wort Hotel

Become A CoChallenger

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