What is a CoChallenger?

CoChal­lengers are a spe­cial group of indi­vid­u­als and busi­ness­es who donate match­ing funds to Old Bill’s. CoChal­lengers do not des­ig­nate their gifts for spe­cif­ic non­prof­its, and instead sup­port the match­ing grants that all par­tic­i­pat­ing non­prof­its receive. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 or more annu­al­ly, CoChal­lengers give at lev­els of $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. These dona­tions form the match pool, which is divid­ed up to sup­ple­ment funds par­tic­i­pat­ing non­prof­its raise. 

In 2023, non­prof­its were pro­vid­ed with a 66% match­ing grant on des­ig­nat­ed funds raised up to $30,000; orga­ni­za­tions that raised $30,000 or more in des­ig­nat­ed gifts received the max­i­mum match­ing grant of $19,740 from the Com­mu­ni­ty Foun­da­tion. The match pool, cre­at­ed with gifts from Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, CoChal­lengers and Friends totaled $5,407,117

Dur­ing the 2023 Giv­ing Sea­son, twelve CoChal­lengers increased their gift and six­teen CoChal­lengers donat­ed to the Old Bill’s Match Fund for the first time. In total, a record 99 CoChal­lengers part­nered with Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill this year.

CoChallenger Video 2023

Thank You to our 2023 CoChallengers

Chal­lenge — $1,000,000

Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill 

Dou­ble Black Dia­mond — $250,000

Adri­enne & John Mars 

Bill New­ton

Dia­mond Busi­ness — $100,000

Caldera + Lab+ 

Dia­mond — $100,000

Anony­mous (2)*

Zooey & Lyons Brown 

Leslie & Chris Johnson 

Mar­sha & John Kleinheinz+ 

Alice & Rod Moorhead* 

Stacey & Robert Morse 

Plat­inum — $75,000

Susan & Joe Davenport 

Deb­o­rah & Jon Dawson 

Lan­nie & Bill Hoglund 

Eri­ka Pearsall & Ned Jannotta 

Gold Busi­ness — $50,000

Gra­ham-Fau­pel-Menden­hall / Karen Ter­ra & Bob Gra­ham, Julie & Matt Fau­pel, Mack Mendenhall+ 

Gros Ven­tre Riv­er Ranch / Karl & Tina Weber Char­i­ta­ble Fund 

Huff / Vaughn / Sas­si / Lau­rie & Mer­cedes Huff 

Gold — $50,000


Mar­cia Kun­stel & Joe Albright 

Lau­rie Andrews & Perk Perkins+ 

Christie & Jon Callaghan 

Lisa Car­lin

Chris & Ross Hartley 

Kem­mer­er Fam­i­ly Foundation 

Cather­ine & David Loevner 

Mays Fam­i­ly Foundation 

Kath­leen McCarragher+ 

The Seren­i­ty Fund* 

Sev­en Pines Foun­da­tion+

Dorie & Randy Smith+ 

Sil­ver Busi­ness — $35,000

Bank of Jack­son Hole 

First Repub­lic, now a part of JPMor­gan Chase 

Sil­ver — $35,000

Val & Dick Beck 

Nan­cy & Dick Collister 

Mary Anne Cree, In Memoriam 

Susan Cross­er Estate Memo­r­i­al Fund 

Peg­gy & Kirk Davenport+ 

Mar­got Snow­don & Yves Desgouttes 

Lisa & Are Friesecke* 

Sanae Ishikawa & Richard Georgi 

Marne & Ed Holstein 

Katharine Conover-Keller & Fred Keller+ 

Glo­ria & Richard Kushel 

Janine & David Lloyd 

Jason Moment*

Lau­ra & Matt Murphy 

Shirley & Paul Piper 

Car­o­line & Ken Taylor+ 

Janet & Bob Whitmire 

Lucy Wild & Jason Wolff+ 

Bronze Busi­ness — $25,000

Crys­tal Creek Capital 

Four Sea­sons Jack­son Hole 

New West Build­ing Company* 

Osprey Bev­er­ages

Wells Far­go

Wil­low Street 

Y2 Consultants 

Zions Bank

Bronze — $25,000

Sarah & Tim Belk* 

Erin & Bran­don Black* 

Kather­ine & Bill Burford* 

Liz & David Chandler 

Car­ly & Clay­ton Christopher* 

Suzanne & Jef­frey Cohodes* 

Leah Miss­bach Day* 

Cather­ine & Jeff Dishner 

Nisha & Steve DuBois 

Nan­cy & Rolf Engh 

Julia & Thomas Rit­son Ferguson 

Deirdre & Vance Grif­fith

Mon­i­ca Erick­son & Philippe Hartl 

Judy Hof­flund & Tom Hansen 

Jane & Tom Hill* 

Deb­by & David Hopkins 

Mis­sy & David Hoster 

John Hur­ley

Kate Jensen

Cindy & Evan Jones 

Elis­a­beth & Chan­soo Joung 

Rita Zetter­berg & Jim Kaplan* 

Sara & Ed Keller 

Kristin & Mike Kelly 

David Lan­des & Family 

Cathy Kehr & Remy Levy 

Live Oak Fund 

Tam­my & John MacWilliams 

Nin­er Family 

Julie & Hugh O’Halloran

Marge Ord­way

Dakin Sloss

Pat­ti Stancarone 

KK & Jamie Streator* 

Ran­di Levine & Jeff Trenton 

The Tri­fec­ta Fund 

Jay Var­ley

Kae & Ben Wallace* 

Leslie & Jim Wal­ter

Suzanne & John Willian 

Sasha & Mike Zolik 

Con­firmed CoChal­lengers as of 10/16/2023

* indi­cates new, + indi­cates increased 


CoChallenger Close Up: Mercedes and Laurie Huff

Mer­cedes Huff and her daugh­ter, Lau­rie, have been involved in Old Bill’s in var­i­ous ways since the event’s incep­tion in 1997. Mer­cedes has sup­port­ed Old Bill’s as a CoChal­lenger for the past fif­teen years.

CoChal­lengers are a spe­cial group of indi­vid­u­als and busi­ness­es who donate to the Old Bill’s match pool, which is used to match the community’s des­ig­nat­ed dona­tions to local non­prof­its. Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annu­al­ly, CoChal­lengers give at lev­els of $25,000 and up.

The first Old Bill’s Fun Run took place when I was 9 or 10 years old,” Lau­rie remarked. I can remem­ber it vivid­ly. I remem­ber par­tic­i­pat­ing on behalf of the Jack­son Hole Ski and Snow­board Club. I was rais­ing aware­ness for a non­prof­it that I was a part of.”

When Lau­rie returned to Jack­son after col­lege, she decid­ed to join Mer­cedes by par­tic­i­pat­ing in Old Bill’s as a CoChal­lenger. Mer­cedes and Lau­rie rec­og­nize the impor­tance of the lega­cy they are cre­at­ing by sup­port­ing the community’s non­prof­its through Old Bill’s.

It’s impor­tant to lead by exam­ple,” Mer­cedes said. When peo­ple see that we are par­tic­i­pat­ing in Old Bill’s, they might be inspired to get involved too. It’s an excel­lent way to learn what’s real­ly going on in the community.”

Giv­ing back to the Jack­son com­mu­ni­ty is a fam­i­ly val­ue that Lau­rie and her hus­band, Collin Vaughn, are hop­ing to instill in their daughters. Our girls came to Old Bill’s in a stroller last year,” Lau­rie commented. We hope they will con­tin­ue being
involved and sup­port­ing this event for years to come.”

Total Funds Raised to Date



Thanks to CoChallengers...

  • Non­prof­its receive 100% of des­ig­nat­ed con­tri­bu­tions and pay no admin­is­tra­tive fee to participate
  • Over 200 orga­ni­za­tions enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly coop­er­ate in a uni­fied fundraiser
  • A por­tion of the match pool pro­vides addi­tion­al grant fund­ing for non­prof­its through­out the year via the Com­mu­ni­ty Foun­da­tion’s Com­pet­i­tive Grants, Youth Phil­an­thropy, and Micro Grant programs
  • Old Bil­l’s con­tin­ues to grow, with 1 in 3 house­holds in Jack­son participating!

Friends of the Match

$5,000 — $15,000

Anony­mous (2)

Mick­ey Babcock

First West­ern Trust

Chuck Fleis­chman

Foley Inc.

Caren & Jeff Hendren

HUB Inter­na­tion­al Limited

Chris­tiane & Mark Ladd

Irene & Alan Lund

Chris­tine Watkins & John Nixon

Janet & Bill O’Neil

PURE Insurance 

Suzanne Salz­mann Memo­r­i­al Old Bil­l’s Endowment

$1,000 — $4,999


Pegi & Kent Bernard

Cather­ine & Bill Bradford

Mary & Ken Burdin

Jane Hop­kins Carey & John Carey

Karen & Jim Coleman

Jan & Chuck Davis

Chris­tine, Skyler & Art Denton

Susan Dong & Arne Johanson

Car­rie & Jake Ellkins

Great North­ern Cof­fee Company

Lisa Nes­bitt

Melanie Nuss­dorf

Janet & Bill O’Neil

Perse­phone Bakery

Sto­ry Clark Resor & Bill Resor

Ter­ry & Bert Romberg

Tina & Ernst Sack

Jane & Nel­son Schwab

Pat­ty & Dan Starr

Linore & Jim Wallace

Karen Wilbrecht

Sue & Buck Woodford

$100 — $999

Anony­mous (2)

Lucin­da Abbé & James Warner

Bar­bara & Bill Adams

Rebec­ca & Andrew Apfelberg

Car­olyn & Jim Augé

Jes­si­ca & Ryan Basconcillo

Pat­ti Berlin

Beyond Broc­coli LLC

Blue Bear Invest­ment Group, LLC

Lea Bon­necaze & Ian Levenson

Anne & Clay Bradley

Amy & Herb Brooks

Bridge Finan­cial Management

Mary & Ken Burdin

There­sa & Jim Burn­side / CopyWorks

Shari & Mark Byerly

Stacey & Rob Caesar

Bet­sy Casselman-Porter

Jeanie & Mark Clark

Tracey Clay

Lin­da & Tim Cohane

Lau­ra Lynn Davenport

Car­olyn & Mark Dewing-Hommes

Susan & Paul Divjak

Cok­er Ellsworth

Jim Fac­er

Elaine Gar­rett

Peg Gil­day & Maho Hakoshima

Con­nie & John Hansen

Mol­ly & Jim Harris

Bar­bara & Chris Hoeft

Becky & Ted Kimmel

Jeff Kop­key

Jean­nine Lanoux & James Rees

Erin & Matt Lusins

Bev & Ed McIlnay

Robin & Peter Moyer

Suzanne Rees & Ray Nakakura

Nan­cy Nickel-Resor

Pad­mave­da LLC

Biba & Jon Parker

Nan­cy & Bruce Pasfield

Phil­an­thropy By Design, LLC

Lisa & Scott Pierson

Lind­sey & Steve Rainier

Lucy & Toby Rankin

Annie & Travis Rid­dell / Jack­son Pediatrics

Car­olyn, Alex, Gwen & Andy Ripps

Elis­a­beth Rohrbach

Rowe CPA Group LLC

Mag­gie & Bri­an Schilling

Adria & Jeff Stines

Jane Squires

Bet­ty Terrill

Teton View LLC

Pauline Tow­ers-Dyke­man

Berniece & Harold Turner

$1 — $99

Anony­mous (6)

Bar­bara & Ger­ald Aronowitz

Gene­va Chong & Dave Barnett

Adri­enne Benson

Eliz­a­beth Cog­burn Birnie & Bren­don Birnie

Helen Bish­op

Bison Wealth Management

Diane & Hen­ry Black

Kelsey & Hank Brehm

Hilary & Mar­ty Camino

Becky Cham­bers

Cindy Coro­na & Eduar­do Rodriguez Carrillo

Shawn & Mike Daus

Kim Day & Jim Kleine

Bar­clay Dex­ter, Case, Jonathon & Jere­my Hopple

John­ny Fifles

Maryellen & Don Frank

Nicole & Robert Foster

Gwenn Gil­day

Allyson Gun­sal­lus

Dawn & Scott Hale

Car­ol & John Harkness

Chel­cie Jonke

Becky & Tom Jordan

Sarah Kain

Sher­rie Lyn Koye-Jonassen

Kristi­na & Heath Lawson

Diane & Michael Lenich

Ori­ana & Dave Madeira

Amy & For­rest McCarthy

Alli­son & Dave Monroe

Bryan Moran

Flic­ka Scott & Ernie Wampler

Jen­ny & Dan­ny Shervin

Katie & Thomas Smits

Robert Spiers

Robert Takaza­wa

War­ren Van Genderen

Leslie & Mark Wright

Katie Ziem

Become A CoChallenger

Are you inter­est­ed in learn­ing more about becom­ing a CoChal­lenger? Please con­tact us to set up a per­son­al­ized meet­ing and begin the process!